Teachers: lessons from Darfur 

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The Darfur Australia Network has developed a range of interactive class materials for use in school in Victoria and New South Wales. These materials are based on the conflict in Darfur, Sudan, and the community of Darfuri Sudanese who live in Australia.

The materials include information about the conflict and the larger international issues related to Darfur and Sudan, activities based on roundtable discussions, research excerises, writing activities, stories from Darfur, historical and contextual information, and a new DVD, titled "Peace is Possible in Darfur".

The development of the materials forms part of a larger project being run by DAN in Melbourne titled "Communities in Need: Educating our Future", funded by the Victorian Government.

The materials draw on wider issues such as social justice, civil and human rights, multiculturalism, tolerance of others, global and local issues.  In Victoria, the materials reference the Victorial Education Learning Standards (VELS).

Members of Australia's Darfuri Sudanese community and staff from DAN are available to visit your school and present on the conflict in Darfur (See the Booking Form at the end of the Kit).

If you are interested in talking to DAN about these materials, would like to obtain an Education Pack, or wish to book a presentation at your school, please contactcontact@darfuraustralia.org

The development of education materials through the "Communities in Need: Educating our Future" project being run by DAN Melbourne is kindly supported by the Victorian Government through the provision of a Community Support Grant from the Community Support Fund.

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