This page contains a number of downloadable factsheet on the Darfur crisis.

Versions for students are also available on the students page.

The Statistics

Basic statistics about Darfur; up to 2010

Statistics 2008

Basic statistics about Darfur; up to 2008


Learn about the UNAMID peacekeeping force, its mandate, composition and current status

Roots of the Conflict

 Understand the historical background to the conflict in Darfur

Rebel Groups

What are the differences between JEM, SLA, SLM-Minawi, SLM-Unity, G19 and all the other rebel groups in Darfur?


 What is peacekeeping? How does it differ from peace enforcement, peacebuilding or peacemaking?

Sudan Timeline: 1950 - 2010

An overview of the events in Sudan since independence; from 1950 to 2010

Darfur For Dummies

Confused by the complexity of the situation and the information out there? This Fact Sheet should help with the basics.

UN Darfur Fact Sheet 2010

Extensive "Key facts & figures for Sudan with a focus on Darfur"; including geographic, economic, health & education, conflict & fatalities etc.

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