As part of our campaign to mark the 10 year anniversary of the Darfur conflict, the ten recipes below have been shared by Darfuri community members living in Australia to showcase the rich culinary culture of Sudan's Western province.

Click on the icons below to discover unique dishes and recipe ideas from the cuisine of Darfur. 

beetroot lentil rice side fish
Beetroot Salata Shorbet Adas (lentil soup)  Sudani Rice Shatta (Hot spice accompaniment) White Nile Fish 
egg lady peanut tea cc
Mashed Eggplant a la Zeinab Myllaah Bamyah (Ladyfinger stew) Peanut Macaroons Cinnamon Tea

Baseema (Coconut cake)


 lentil 10
 rice 5
 side 6
 fish 9
 egg egg
 lady ladyfinger
 peanut 2
 tea 3
 cc 7