Past Events 


 Soccer for Peace Tournament                        


DAN organised two soccer tournaments, held in Sunshine on September 6, and Dandenong September 21. Both days were well attended and enjoyed by all. Photos of the event can be seen on the DAN Facebook page here 


 Advocacy Training


DAN held Advocacy Training for DCAA members, Darfuri Volunteers and DAN capacity builders on Sunday, May 25th at Ross House




Workshop - Peacebuilding - 10 November 2013
DAN is delighted to announce that, following the success of our peacebuilding workshop in May a further training will be held on 10 November at Ross House, Melbourne. This interactive workshop is designed to explore ideas and skills in the field of conflict transformation.
For more details or to attend, contact
Peace Festival - 2 November 2013
Marking the 10th anniversary of the Darfur conflict, DAN is organising a peace festival to celebrate the Darfuri culture and to promote peace within the community. This event will took place on Saturday, 2 November from 10am to 4pm at Footscray Park.
Pictures can be found here.

Community Development Symposium - 25 October 2013

Our community coordinator volunteer, Nuha is presenting at Victoria University's Community Development Symposium on Friday 25 October. Nuha will be talking about the Darfur conflict and her involvement with DAN.

This is a free event open to the general public and will take place at the City Flinders campus, 300 Flinders St, Melbourne at 9.30am.


 Sudanese Community Protest in Melbourne

The Sudanese Community gathered in Melbourne on Saturday, 5th October, to protest against the ruthless treatment of peaceful demonstrators in Sudan.  Please read the Australian Sudanese community Press Release . The clashes between civilians and Sudanese armed forces have now moved to the centre of Khartoum streets and university campuses. The death toll on Monday (30th September) was estimated at 210 and rising.  For more pictures from the protest, please click this link .

Bob Carr Talks Sudan - 6 August 2013
Foreign Minister Bob Carr spoke on Tuesday about Australia's role and responsibility towards protecting human rights in Sudan as part of a live address on a ABC24 programme 'Our Say'. 

Carr was responding to a question put forward by the Nuba Now Campaign, (supported by DAN) which asked 'How will Australia use it's position on the UN Security Council to achieve a lasting peaceful resolution in Sudan?'. 

Panel event - Sudan 10 years on - 30 May 2013

On 30 May, DAN held a panel event 'Sudan, 10 years after' at the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law in partnership with the Sudan Peace Project. Marking the 10 year anniversary since the bloodshed in Darfur began, speakers including Prof. Alex Bellamy, Aisha Mohamed and Elmardi Abdelrasol discussed the current situation in Darfur, the role of the UN 'Responsibility to Protect' (R2P) initiative and shared their personal experiences of the conflict.

In an interview with DAN after the event R2P expert Prof. Bellamy spoke of the potential role of the Australian government and the Australian people in pushing for lasting peace and security in Darfur.

Watch interviews with speakers Prof. Bellamy and Aisha Mohamed or if you missed the event you can also watch it in full online. 

Click here to view photos of the event on Flickr.

Sudanese Rally for peace - 29 June 2013
On Saturday 29 June at noon, the Sudanese community in Melbourne came together and marched from Federation Square to the State Library, Melbourne, to voice their concern and urge the Australian government to take a stand on escalating violence in Sudan.  
Community Consultation

Darfur Australia Network Community Consultation  - 19 May 2013 

The Darfur Australia Network Community Consultation meeting took place at Ross House in central Melbourne on Sunday 19 May, followed by the Darfur Community Association meeting.

Fourteen men and women turned up to discussions about DAN and its future. The meeting was chaired by Sandra Chestnutt, DAN's President and Chair of the Board.

 Sudan Peace Project Rally, 28 April 2013
Sudan Peace Project city Event - 28 April 2013 

On Sunday 28 April 2013, around 250 people joined in Melbourne's City Square and CBD for the Sudan Peace Project public event and flashmob, hosted by Jewish Aid Australia's Nuba Now Campaign with A Billion Little Stones and DAN.

We took a stand and reminded the Australian public, government and the international community that silence and inaction is not an option and the international community’s commitment of “Never Again” must be upheld. The moving speeches given on the day were followed by a flashmob to raise wider community awarenesss that there is still much to be done.

Watch the video of the event and like the Nuba Now Campaign on Facebook to see pictures of the rally. 


Peace-Building Training For The Darfur Community - 14 April 2013 

Peace-Building Training for Melbourne's Darfur community was held on Sunday 14 April 2013 at Ross House, Flinders Lane.

Approximately 30 members of the Darfur community attended the training that was delivered by Jill Jameson. Feedback was positive, with some attendees wanting more of these activities for Darfuri communities around Australia. Look at photos of the event online. 

This training was funded by the City of Melbourne.


Open letter calling for global action in Darfur - Feb 2013

DAN participated in the Australian campaign, with 16 Members of Parliament, including Parliamentary Sec. for Defence Senator David Feeney, & Foreign Affairs Minister Senator Bob Carr in calling for global action after ten years of horror in Darfur.  

The press release was published in the Sudan Tribune and the open letter is also available online in full.  


 Sudanese community march through Melbourne 

Sudanese Community & Supporters March - 7 July 2012 

On Saturday 7 July, over 100 Sudanese community members and supporters marched from Federation Square to the State Library to support the uprising in Sudan against the current regime to end decades of mass killings, ethnic cleansing, deliberate starvation, poor healthcare, rapid economic decline and lack of basic infrastructure.

The Sudanese community in Australia are also concerned that there is undue force used on the protesters in Sudan. The public and supporters of the Sudanese community joined the march. There were speeches at the State Library from Sudanese community leaders and Michael Danby MP.

DAN community meeting in Dandenong

DAN Community Meeting - 26 May 2012

On Saturday 26 May, the DAN community meeting was held at Dandenong, Melbourne. The meeting was attended by community leaders and representatives of the DAN Board.

The objective of the meeting was to discuss the Networks plans for the future and the activities for the next financial year. See more

 Abdelhadi Matar presents the petition to Fatou Bensouda

Darfur Community Presents ACTION FOR DARFUR Petition To ICC Prosecutor Elect  - 17 February 2012 

DAN Board member Abdelhadi Matar, accompanied by representatives of the Darfur and Sudanese community presented the signed ACTION FOR DARFUR Petition to Ms Fatou Bensouda, then Chief Prosecutor Elect of the International Criminal Court.

Mr Matar presented the petition after Ms Bensouda's 2012 Peter Brett Memorial Lecture The Rome Statute 10 years on: Where to from here for the ICC? .

Ms Bensouda gratiously accepted the petition and advised the Darfur community that she will take the petition back to the ICC and respond back in due course. Photos of the event available here.

Montsalvat Benefit Dinner (August 2006)

Global Day for Darfur (September 2006)

NOISE for Darfur (October 2006)

Fire in the Night (Dec 2006)

Darfur Community Picnic (January 2007)

Global Day for Darfur (April 2007)

Refugee Week (June 2007)

Global Day for Darfur Rally (September 2007)

Forgotten People Project (October 2007)

Human Rights Torch Relay (November 2007)

Global Day for Darfur (April 2008)

2008 Benefit Dinner (July 2008) 

Far to Here Photographic Exhibition (February 2009 - September 2009) 

Team DARFUR - Run Melbourne (June 2009)


Darfur Calling (May 2007)

World Refugee Day Rally, Photo Exhibition and Seminar (June 2007)

UNSW Photo Exhibition / Lecture (October 2007)

Reclaim the Night Rally (October 2007)

Human Rights Torch Relay (October 2007)

Forgotten Peoples Project (December 2007)

"Students Speak Out" Evening (March 2008)

Community BBQ (April 2008)

Darfur Festival (June 2008)


Canberra Multicultural Festival (February 2008)