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10 years on: The forgotton conflict

2013 is the ten-year anniversary of the conflict in Darfur and sadly, it would seem that history is repeating itself. The atrocities that have been taking place in Darfur are now also being seen in Nuba Mountains, Kordofan and the Blue Nile.


Ten years after the conflict in Darfur first began, Aisha, a DAN member and of the Darfuri community in Melbourne, speaks of her experience as a child of the ongoing conflict in Sudan's Western province.

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Real life stories of people who have left Darfur, friends, family & everything they know to escape violence & persecution. 


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Discover unique dishes and recipe ideas from the cuisine of Darfur have been donated by our community members and are available online for you to try out at home.

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Have a flick through 10 photos showing some of our community members which were exhibited at Federation Square in Melbourne. 

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